Monday, July 20, 2009


Partying with friends at the Lodz Kaliska, a pretty cool 3-floor club started by some filmstudents or somesuch. The bartender almost went crazy when he saw my slutty outfit but when I did'nt understand and asked him to speak english he just shut the fuck up and gave me my black russians. He tried to talk to my man Stasjek about it, but Stasjek asked him how many girls he had seen dressed like that and the guy just had to shut the fuck up again.

I love it when the wifes get a long. Ewa is not actualy a wife. More like a live-in girlfriend. She doesnt look like it, but she is a philosopher and an oldskool b-girl.

I don't know how Ewa managed to sneak into all the photos. I don't remember the other girls name, but both Stasjek and I agreed she was most fuckable. We might have been drunk, cuz she doesnt look that good on photo.

Well, Stasjek was drunk for sure. He has an amazing ability to drink himself to complete blackouts. I cant do that. Never could.

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