Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Local Pub

Our friendly neigbourhood pub is a half-shady billiardclub. Our host refused to go there in the beginning. Even though he is local he is scared of the natives who like to drink and fight.

Do I look like Im afraid? When I had gone there a few times by my lonesome without problems of any sort, and even befriended some of the native population, my host at last came with me. His life will be better for it. Visit your local pub today. Love your neighbourhood.

Note the fucked up sofa. Im drinking Zubr, it is one of the cheapest beers, but it tastes just like a nice summer pilsner, it contains 6% alcohol which is almost perfect for a beer - not to weak, but not to much alcohol-taste like the 7.2% (and higher) can have.

And they have fuzzball!

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