Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marcins dad

Marcins father. He is a hardworking heartsurgeon and a very cool and professional guy. He, as the myth of heartsurgeon goes, ofcourse likes fast cars and has a somewhat competitive nature.

While we where having a few drinks after grilling a neighbour came by with his son who had a finger out of joint. They had some pleasant and smiling conversation and when the boy was completely distracted he popped the finger back in its joint.

He is a master of putting people at ease and even though he worries for Marchins future his home is filled with love.

We're smoking cuban Romeo y Julieta cigars. The whisky was only 8 years old, but I still love my life.

Beeing almost exactly as much older than me as I am older than his son; our dynamic was very interesting. Most of my friends are even older than this man, but still somehow, I was one of his 20 year old sons friends.

Marcin ligthing the shizha. Nothing like sharing some fruit tobacco to create a congenial mood.

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