Saturday, August 08, 2009


We went to the cabin of Ashas parents for a few days. This is Asha and Stasjek playing badmington. Both are tennlisplayers, seemingly like most of the polish élite. They where boyfriend/girlfriend for six months when they both where young and inexpirienced, and watching this match was like watching them fuck. Very erotic. I remember missing my wife at some point during it.

Asha and her three dogs, taking a sunbath. The bitch on the other chair is as unruly as her master. She's a real psyco bitch, and it will take a real man to please and master her temper and moods.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend for three years a few days ago. And then her kitten goes missing. She was so heartbroken for the poor kitten even thinking of it makes me want to cry. Didnt mention the boyfriend with a word. Out looking for the kitten at 5 in the morning after 3 hours sleep. Didnt mention the boyfriend with a word. She was heartbroken for the kitten.

I admit that she is one of the most beautifull and hot women I have ever met. But she is not perfect. A couple of weeks later she was dating some boy so stupid and uncool both me and Stasjeck wanted to fucking smack him. But we didnt. Stasjek wanted to call her ex boyfriend and tell him she was behaving like a fucking whore, but Ewa and me convinced him not to. In retrospect I regret. This dude was fucking a girl missing her lost kitten, emotinally wounerable fucking wreck she was, and thus the dude is logically next to a fucking rapist and deserves all her ex could fucking get him.

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