Sunday, August 09, 2009

The day after/don't fuck with a northener

Saturday morning we did'nt feel to good.

Ewa was angry and leaving for the lake, and the only reason she agreed to wait was to give us the keys. We met close to Dopalace, so when she had left we smoked a bit placebo-ganja.

One thing led to another and soon we where drinking a few beers in some street bar in Pietrowska. We later moved on to a Coctail bar where we hung for a while drinking a capiriña, a mohito and a long island icetea. After a while this guy apeared - lets just call him Omerta. He was the, as the polish say, the hardcor'owskij.

Later that night some fool wanted to shot 95% Rektofykowani with me. At first I said no, my cojones are so big I dont need that shit. And besides Id been drinking for 12 hours and smoking for 6 and I wasnt sure I could perform that particular feat at that particular time. He started talking about how cool and hard he always had thought norwegians to be. He'd have to rewise that opinion now. When he put it like that I just had to shot with him. I estimate the shot as a 4cl shot - which is quite hard for that kind of poison. We went. I immediatly swallowed a few big gulps of beer sawing my throat. The dude was to far gone to reach for a drink, lost his breath and was just croaking. When I was sure my throat was cleansed I gave my beer to him (there where others on the table) he cleansed his throath and ran to the batroom to puke. Omerta couldnt stop laughing.

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