Monday, August 24, 2009

A haircut and a shave

I was a little paranoid in Lodz; my hosts fear of his city-brethren might have taken me unawares and I grew a beard in the middle of the summer. Just to look the part, really.

Even if Malmö is a scarier town than Lodz I go to the barber and get a haircut and a shave. A beard is really a winter or expedition thing. In Lodz there are ofcourse some badasses and fighting and whatnot, but in Malmö every other mådderfåkker I see seems to me a challenge.

The barber was a Macedonian turk, a talkative chap who cut my hair like a cartoon barber; hair flying in all directions. These guys really dont like the greeks who wants their Macedonia back even though it was never theirs - Macedonia Pwnd Greece so they should just let it be.

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