Saturday, August 08, 2009

In the ghetto

We are among the 'lucky' who have gotten a place to live in a public housing project. When we moved in here a few years a go; walking into the hallway of the 5-apartment building; I spontaniously started beatboxing, hummdrumming and singing boom-chk-oom'omm-chk in the ghetto oom-chk-oom'omm-chk in the ghetto...

Our neighbours where a fine mix of asylants, immigrants, white trash, druggies, alcoholics, and ofcourse us - the suicidal mental pasient and his wife. I remember the joy we felt when the white trash was changed out with some heroinist. These guys have had (that I know of) one party in two years - and they only play music like once every full moon and then only for a couple of hours. Fucking best neighbours I've ever had.

When I left for Lodz this shit had been standing in the entrance hallway for like a month. Two months later its still there like the public hallway - the first thing our guests see - is some fucking storeroom for their crap.

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