Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Judas Theory

And the curious case of mr. Mohammed Omer of Gaza
If there is a Gods own race, except for redhaired people who are not really gods children but elves or possibly - according to Thom-Thom - martians, they most certainly are the tribe of Israel. In many ways its a game of who-said-it-first; only that the jews most likly didnt say it first. They just said it loudest.

This might seem far fetched to some - and maybe even obvious to others: Would there have been a Jesus without a Judas? Trine W. (who showed me her Lord (The Lord of Hosts+Jesus Loves you) - a God who greatly enhanced that God to which I fumbingly pray) even suggests Jesus told Judas to betray him.

Because I dream of one day beeing well enough to write epic pieces I have analyzed quite a few such pieces. Great stories usually have, to quote the late Robert Jordan, wheels within wheels. The small things are pictures of the big things, and the big things are renderings of the grand themes etcetera. To me; the Israelite, the Jew, then becomes a picture of Judas - and Jesus a picture of the Christians.

Would there be christians without jews? Would there be christianity, at all, today without the jews? It might seem rethorical, but I think we would all be pagans or buddhists without the tribe of Israel. I think this probably is a easy question to most people. Christianity, either your mostly for it or you are mostly against it. Its almost a matter of faith. To me: This is a tricky one.

The curious case of mr. Mohammed Omer of Gaza. There are hundres of thousands, if not millions, example cases. Many much more grave than this one. I choose mr. Mohammed Omer of Gaza, presently of nederlands, because I followed his reporting from Gaza over several years. While pointed, and not always objective enough, his reporting and his efforts to be objective while his people is being harrazed and murdered has earned him ceveral journalistic prises.

I hadnt realized he was gone from my paper (Morgenbladet) until I read this article on While beeing followed across the border by a dutch diplomat mr. Omer was taken into an interrigationroom while the diplomat stood outside and thougth that everything was ok. Mr Omer was beaten in such a way, according to his dutch doctor responsible for his rehabilitiation, that the damages would be as invisible but long term as possible.

Mr. Omers great work, which he longs to be back at after nine months of rehabilitation in the netherlands, has been in part facilitated by the norwegian aid organization Norsk Folkehjelp who have given mr. Omer the steady employment to finance his journalistic work. Now he just received a letter that he is fired because he has been to long on sick-leave. The still young, once promising man is - in the worst case - broken and silenced.

Actions like this by the tribe of Israel, Gods own people, raises many questions. Non of which I am prepared to answer other than that this people must heed its prophets or most surley He will strike through His most loyal moslems.

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