Friday, August 14, 2009

Legalize Ganja

I have previously stated that I am for the legalization of cannabis - or the holy ganja. And while it is my humble opinion that it semanticly should be about a de-criminalisation (but I guess the anti-lobby won that one aswell); Twinchlians initiative of creating a Legalize Ganja-mybrute is quite genious.

While I am doubtfull that he can rouse the stoners and the good people of pro to play a 30 second game - I must agree that If he managed to get some people with him it would be a strong statement from the silent community.

It would take about 30 000 clicks to this link for Twinchlians mad scheme to bear fruit. I wish the slackers and spammers of the world good luck with that. My work here is done.

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