Sunday, August 09, 2009

My host in Lodz

Stasjek lived in Bodø for six years - taking a bachelor in economics and starting 3 more and less succesful busineses. Seeing the boy grow into a man has been a wonderfull expirience. Some disapointments and many things that was beyond all my hopes for this man when we first met. The text on the Picasso-poster is a mac advertisement stating you should "Think different."

He foreclosed his business in Norway (Snekkpol) and started an airconditioning busines with his father. I fucking love that he did that. If you contact him and tell him you read my blog and think he seems like a cool guy; he will give you a fine discount on any airconditioning needs and maybe even take the time to read your other busines-proposals.

This picture is from the backroom of his office.

This picture is from Thom-Thom Billkofskijs blog Guns, Girls and Ganja. I never noticed until Stasjek pointed it out: The bird is the polish sigil and the cross is upside down. The polish never had no hippies, academic 68's or feminist revolution; this is an artfull representation of their protest.

Stasjek a revolutionary merely by trying to do some of the work in the home. His mother once tried to leave his fathers completly prepared dinner-plate in the kitchen, instead of serving it to him whereever he was sitting. His fater simply refused to eat until she started serving him in the sofa or whatnot again.

He loves tecnologicly perfect sound. He can use hours searching, ebay and such for hours after highend speakers, amps, cables, jacks and so on. He claims the norwegian used-markeds are among the best in the world, our prized possesions loose their value quickly he notes of my people.

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