Sunday, August 09, 2009

A night out

Carla Brunis hallway. Her apartment is just next to the Dopalace, a local headshop who in addidtion to pipes, phillies and papers sells quite good designer-drugs made by legal ingredients - both partypills and weedsubstitutes. The weed-substitutes are funny and a bit sad. They make you stoned, but doesnt help you feel the presence of God, doesnt make you feel happy again. Theyr quite good to mix with alcohol though.

I fucking hate getting my head in every shot. This is the only half-decent picture of the cool girl who lost her name in the drunken haze. She's an art-student and she promised to show me her stuff. She never did - but I hope she will - mats [at]

In retrospect it feels kind of uncool to be that happy for some attetion from the happy-people. But you know how it is, happines has a tendency to spread like a violent flu. Notice Agnes managing to hide her face from the photocamera.

My wife has a very interesting expression. But she seems to be smiling.

This guy thougth I was hot and interesting. He made me feel very good. Boys are usually better than girls at that trix. Had only I found him hot and interesting I daresay we would have had a gay time together.

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