Monday, August 24, 2009

Norwegian election 09

My father refuses to vote because the blank votes are counted with abstainees. If blank votes were counted he would vote; for nobody.

I take a somewhat more pragmatic view. While democracy obviously is quite barbaric, facistic and corrupt by its very nature; ignoring it is as stupid as ignoring an angry man waving a knife in your face. While I agree that it is a major democratic problem that blank votes are not counted or published with the rest of the parties; the damage the extreemist parties can do is to big to ignore - wheter they be right or left wing parties.

The left is a safe vote this year, as it has been for the last 70 years or so. They will only gain a few seats, and only have the power to give some small protection to labour-unions and the poorest in our society.

In the center/right there is only two parties worth voting for as they are the only guaranteeing that the Norwegian Facist Party (Frp) will not be in any gouvernment/cabinet. One is the Farmers Party who is in the current cabinet, and the other party is the Liberal Party.

Conservative newspaper Aftenposten writes about the hypotetical consequenses of implementing norwegian Facist Party (Frp)'s program on police and jail policy. Not unsurprisingly every single suggestion would lead to a more dangerous, americanized society. Even the cops themselves don't want to carry guns in this country. Making prisoners serve full time instead of 2/3 as we do now will not only be expencive, but academics and jailors both say it will lead to more crime since we loose our possibility to force anger managment classes and the like on prisoners the last 1/3 of their time.

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