Saturday, August 08, 2009


I asked Ewa to pose so I could sneak a picture of the family posing for their picknic-picture. Me, Stasjeck, Ewa and Asha where having sunday dinner at this nice-looking but insignificant resturant in the cabin-area. They where all beeing very non-chalant and sarkastic of the family eating and drinking together on a sunday. Sunday is family-time. You dont have to go to church, but you should spend it with your family, and if you're an expat you should spend it with your people. They are your closest allies in a hostile world.

The guy is Moreass or Marek. He tells me his heart is broke. The girl works as some kind of a model, and loves posing. Marek takes pictures of her all evening, and brags to me about fucking her in the morning. If its true he was only fullfilling some slave-fantasy of hers, and only making himself a fool in my eyes by bragging of his lack of discretion - like that would make the boy more of a man in my humblest of opinions.

This picture here is somewhat interesting. I take most of my pictures with an old Nokia N95 with a Carl Zeiss lens. Its not really all that good, like this photo illustrates. Model-girl looks quite good, and comes through very good on the picture - while Philosopher girl is laughing in the smudgy background. In RL Model-girl looked quite stupid not moving for 30 seconds, while Philosopher-girl felt as intriguingly vague and alive as she comes off here.

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