Saturday, August 08, 2009


Im posting some unpublished pictures from Lodz, Malmö and Copenhagen in the next few posts. This is Agnes' cockandbullstory busines-partner and good friend Carla Bruni. The one hiding her face is Agnes herself. She is notoriously impossible to get a picture of, and increadibly shy.

I have like a million pictures like this. Hiding her face from the camera. Destroying my almost perfect pictures, making them fucking art. (God! I hate art.)

Except for this time - when I fucked it up. Most of the good pictures are taken by Kitty Oblonskij. All the bad pictures are taken by me.

I was once allowed to take a picture of her shoe. Its a nice shoe, but I really did it just to find out exactly how camerashy she really is. Maybe she thinks she is ugly?

And interestingly enough, when she puts on the glasses she completly changes her personality. This girl is not afraid of no camera, and she knows she is the essence of eastern beauty. I think maybe this one is the one who truly love the cock and bull stories.

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