Saturday, August 08, 2009


Back home again. In the gutter - I would be, as Oscar Wilde so eloquently puts it: 'be sleepin' in the gutter&gazing at them stars' except that this is a polar area in the beginning of august, and thus no stars to be seen. Just the gutter and a bigass moon. And the sun ofcourse.

I guess I lost a few days again. 18 days in blogtime. A little less in real-time; traveling, a common cold or even maybe the swineflu, cold-turkeying the blessed ganja, family and friends all took its toll on the updating of Meanwhile Elsewhere... But I have spent most of my time in less flattering positions than this ->

If you ever think about ending it all... is a good place to just... exist. For a while. It may pass, you know. I will be back with more on some of the crazyest shit that happened between Lodz and Bodø.

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