Thursday, August 13, 2009

Supper at my mothers

While the symptoms of angst and depression can be somewhat aleviated by ganja and alcohol in states of emergencies like vacation and traveling (where Im supposed to function like a normal human beeing) - neither are very good long-term drugs as they after a time will strengthen the very symptoms they were supposed to linder.

So when the vacation is over, and everyday life starts - I need more healthy medicine. Physical exersice and nature are two of the best remedies known to man for just about anything. For a guy suffering from some sort of post traumatic stress disorder syndrome this remedy is of vital imortance to my very survival.

We are going to my mother for supper. Its a almost 2 hour walk, and its not easy finding your way from A to B without a map or some local knowledge. If you are a normal person in my city you move from A to B in a car - or a buss if your poor. You dont walk. Using our beautifull nature-walks is reserved for jogging, bikers, dog-walkers and wildlife-entusiasts. Thus paths dont really go anywhere usefull.

But, when you know the way, its a beautifull and refreshing walk - even in rainy weather.

The mouse is dead. The slug seems to be checking it out. Is it hungry or aroused?

The scientific farm at Vågøynes. They lay claim to some prime realestate - and because of that the College is 8 kilometres from the senter of the town instead of lying just outside. A shame, really.

Yes. Its pretty. But imagine a University!

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