Sunday, August 09, 2009

Think different

I like this portrait of Marcin. He carries all the promises of youth, and yet he makes you worry. Will he stand tall or fall?

Drinking, smoking and listening to music together. (Hence the carpet on the wall - to soften the sound). Marcins brother, Pizarro did'nt like me taking this picture. And I guess, if his parents saw it he might get in trouble. He is 15 and his brothers driver, they have snuck out of the house. But really, he's just taking care of his brother! Good kid, but a littlebit recerved. Doesnt touch ganja or alcohol. At first I felt kind of shocked that he was driving without a license, but then I remembered the shit we did when we where 15. I guess some things are the same everywhere.

Read interesting theory recently: Young males feeling of inwounerability is neccesary evolutional trait for the young male to go out on his own to find good life-mate and start own happy family.

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