Monday, September 07, 2009

Back in Malmö

We returned from Copenhagen to my father in Malmö night till sunday and stayed for more than a week more. A strange sort of vacation mayhaps, but methinkst good.

I like this picture 'cause it sort of accentuates how we are alike and unlike as father and son. Notice the eyecolour.

Im sort of childish and sometimes I really cant help myself.

Thinking. My wife can be silent for hours. Sometimes her words are so thoughtful the world seem to fade and I see this other reality, this beautiful reality, and I think she walks that reality, and the love these glimpses allows me feel makes me want to save the universe.

"To the Empire!" Eye-contact have always been important to my father. In my youth the only hairstyle he would not allow was hair hanging over the eyes; which ofcourse was my hairstyle of choise.

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