Saturday, September 05, 2009

My new cap

I have been looking for a cap for several years, but havent found something to my liking that wasnt to small for my mutant head. This one is perfect. I like green, both for street fashion and in nature. The three yellow circles are the symbol of Christiania - Copenhagens semi-free city.

In this shady bodega, just before closing time, in some bystreet in Christianshavn I convinced my good friend Sh0 to sell me the cap he had bougth the same day.

I was taking the train back to Malmö that same night, and Sh0 where supposed tobuy a new one before flying to Oslo next evening. But he did'nt. I wonder why, this is like the coolest cap ever.

And when I gave it back to him just to take a picture of it with its previous owner, its deflouwrer, he smiled this wierd smile. I think maybe he is smiling 'cause he's proud to be recognized as a man of excelent tastes.

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