Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post #97/Bill Hicks, American Hero

The first person to introduce me to the greatnes that is Bill Hicks was my good friend George (who hasnt talked to me for four years - don't hesistate to give me a call if you wanna hang out with a couple of beers and a bong sometime). Mr Hicks was a prophet and politician posing as a stand-up comedian; a master of his craft and a visionary pointing not only to our possible future as a race but to what comedy can, and should, be.

This clip is from the end of his last tour. He knew he was dying (from cancer and thus probably not a evil military/industrial/entertainment-complex assasination); but mr Hicks kept on touring towards the end; and almost all of it is out on youtube for you to see at your leisure. I guess the future really is now.

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