Monday, September 07, 2009

Private party, Copenhagen

After I left Copenhagen back when, Sh0 got some new friends. He says he was 'forced to get some friends of his own', but probably my friends just where too focused on music, art and shit for his liking. He is, after all, a cybercowoy and zensensei.

Our host was living in Nørrebro, one of the cooler downtown districts. All the guys minus 1&meself had beards or atleast serious stubble. Oh! how I regretted shaving my beautifull beard just a couple of days before.

"I dont like to have my photo taken."

"On weekdays I pretend to be one of 'them' - please dont publish my face on the internett mr. bloggerman!"

Denmark seems to be on the verge of facism, which saddens me. But I am also proud to see the young'unns fighting the power. While there are better fights, 'they' must learn not to fuck with 'us'.

The women know their place. Here they are making Pitu capiriñas on the kitchen. The asianlooking chic is greenlandic, and like most of her people she parties too hard. But God! she is beautifull and charismatic and for that alone I really hope she makes it.

I tell the guy he must work on his loving compassion and dont be such an asshole.

Have you noticed these days that all decent parties have a dj? Usually some introverted guy only expressing himself (its almost always a guy) through his eclectic choise of music.

Zoo took a lot of pictures. For some reason she thought I was a camera imbesile; and when I offered to take a couple of pictures of her with her camera she showed some controlfreakish attitude that tells me Sh0 gots his hands full if he's keepin' this one.

Smile for the camera. Later there was dancing, and then clubbing.

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