Friday, September 25, 2009

Rising star?

Kristen Opstad is a 31 years old Norwegian artist currently working in Paris with fellow artist Roald Sivertsen, supported by the Ingrid Lindbäck Landgaard-foundation. She was featured in Dagbladet as the monthly winner on their(?) poetry-site "diktkammeret" - 'the poetry chamber'. Aparently she won the prize simply by fooling around with form and words, learning the rudiments of the craft as she went along. Impressive.

Lo! & Behold; pretty as only the rising star can be.

She has also played/experimented with using several different online-identities like Pia Maria, Heidi P, Madame K, Kirsten, ko, esther, Dorthea, Miriam F, Mette G, camilla, magda and Pål.While I never personally would be any other than the person I happen to be - I am sure she would either love or hate my man Thom-Thom Billkowfskij's work.

She shows great promise, but she still lack that umph, that something that'd make you wanna put her stuff over your fireplace. Im sure you see what I mean? Nice like, but it's not gonna change my perspective.

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