Saturday, July 04, 2009

I didnt even have to use my AK

Shopping. I love mah new shoes!

And I love mah new bong!

Yes. I really do.

Later on we decided to get reeeeally drunk. Zubrowka. Homemade fishermans friend-shots. Zubr beer and ofcourse 95%Rektyfikowany and coke.


Thursday we had a visit from the hot brain of Lodz clothingline cockandbullstories, miss Agnes.

She is camerashy. Which is sad, casue she carries the essence of eastern beauty.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Peoplewatching with the wife. I really need to get a proper camera so that I can share my perspective.

And then dinner - or acctually a late lunch. The only resturant in the visinity of our hosts appartment is a pizza place. Garlic sauce is obligatory in Poland - the natives use ketchup (with almost anything) as-well.

Back home. Shes schetching in the park. Im poisoning myself cuz even tho life is good I feel bad. Sad-like. This is tree of my favourite drugs: Ganja, coca-cola and 95% Spirytus Lubelski (Lubel is the southernmost district in poland, so to the natives it reads as 'Southern Spirits').

Mhiow! I feel better now.

Summer of Lodz

Im quite inspired these days by fashion blogs like Polkadots&Vodkashots and the more classy The Sartorialist.

Todays look; shirt bougth Sri Lanka 94, sweatpants Prague 02. Note the silver armband in the classic celticinspired vikingpattern called 'the kings pattern'. I smell of sweat, sex, sweet sleep, cheap Adidas bodyperfume and ganja. Any normal woman would be both repulsed and slightly wet.

Going for the kill

Im totally in love with La Rouix corny 80's style tune Going for the kill. "Embedding disabled by request" so I guess you have to click two times. Go on, do it, it is exercise and thus good for you.
Blogs need pictures - this one is from my man Thom-Thom Billkowfskijs blog.

Edit January 13th 2014: First post is not very impressive, fumbling my way into blogging. But then most blogs are like this. I have been almost four years on the road now, considering starting writing again and the first step is to renovate the old frontpage of - turning this blog into apeskalikkedrepeape's only face.

For the especially interested here is the original version of APESKALIKKEDREPEAPE.