Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's hope that is enough...

I was browsing my wifes blog, that eternal reminder of why I love her&why everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am to have her, Fanaberia, when I found this Bright Eyes tune. Found again, I should say.

Pretty, frail, pretending-to-be-stupid Julie (where did you go? - I hope your happy, wherever you are) introduced us to the Lifted album when we had just fallen in love that most blossoming summer of 2003 when everything was beautifull.

While I always loved the music and the texts, I never really listened to the whole thing. Or perhaps I did, and forgot. I distinctly remember lyrical phrasings like "They take eye for an eye until noone can see..." but when She writes "One of my favorite songs, the text is amazing." in her blog I took some of my precious time to listen.

God damn! He makes me want to be an american. To bad I can't even visit.

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