Friday, February 26, 2010

Metro is the new Gay

I try not to write about stuff like this. It is not that I'm exactly trying create some sort of feel-good site; not at all. Hmm. Not at all that. But if you wanted to be upset in anyway you could just read a newspaper, or start a fight with someone unbalanced and bigger than you, right? So no need for me to do that. To you, so you'd be, like, inadvertently upset, and like, take it out on me by not coming back, not writing that funny comment, and if you found some interesting message from my sponsors you'd, in spite, just write the adress manually, go to Googland and never come back, so that me and wyff would have to go hungry, like, if many ppl enough got that angry.

Arhg. I convinced myself. If you feel like, you know, be like an old person and shake your head at where the world is heading:

Taken outside my house, just the other day.

And if you are linguisticly impaired, culturaly challenged or simply to retarted to read the divine norse language: google translate, as always, will solve your troubles. Don't worry bout it. If you behave this life, in your next, everything will be right as rain, and you too will be a norwegian.

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