Thursday, February 18, 2010

Midnattsolens Rike

My uncle gave me a new old (last generation) phone a year or so ago, but I did'nt realize until last weekend that it actually had a totaly ok video-recorder built into it. I already had a youtube account (you have to sign up to leave saftymode...) - so here be my first ever youtube upload.

I always thougth singers looked stupid with their contorted faces. Imagine my surprise when I find that I have the most contorting face of them all...

Midnattsolens Rike (Am-C-Em //Dm-E-Am)
by Mats Hanssen

Når rypa søng en helt ny sang
og ravn flytte høgt tell fjells
Når vind søng en gammel sang
//aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa//

Når fjellfolk trekk opp i Nordlands fjell
og kalle Midnattsolens Rike ved sitt navn
Da ska du sætt din lit tell den salige Vår Herre
//aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa/


  1. My feeling exactly. The wiff, on the other hand, having one of her more bitchy days, commented that 'Had you only any talent, you could have been a superstar.'

  2. Oh, I'm never bitchy - but might have a problem with honesty at times... Sorry about that ;)
    The song is cool though, it really is.