Friday, March 05, 2010

The "arctic" challenge

This weekend it is again time for Terje Håkonsens Arctic Challenge. If you wonder about my use of brackets in the headline, it is because they have left their roots and the north a long time ago - this year they have it in Oslo, some 120km south of the arctic circle.

Another Fanaberia-find. These girls are'nt from the artic either but from Enskede outside Stockholm. They've gone pro now; but I must admit I love their lo-fi amateur work better than their later stuff. No wonder I love my own shit, I guess.

They used to have it further north; but since mr. Håkonsen never saw fit to pay his bills; and those he absolutly had to pay (i.e. to his drugdealers) he paid with sunglasses from his sponsor oakley. To this day the official name is "Oakley Arctic Challenge".

But you know, Terje, we think you are uncool and miserly.

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