Friday, March 05, 2010

Please, don't be evil

CNN's Fortune 500 has for the 3rd year in a row proclaimed Apple to be the most admired company in the world. My friends all love their thingies; but I must take the opportunity to again point out that Apple iz Evil.

I could ofcourse spew out the usual arguments about locking all types of media to their hardware; a business strategy based on limiting your options and fucking their competition. (As opposed to giving you freedom and creating the best product.)

But I'd rather not. Instead I'll use two examples that, if you're able to think in a roundabout way, will illuminate their decisionmaking process.

I find their glorified "Think different" campaign to be repugnant. To use long dead cultural icons to ad to their image, many (or most, likly) who would have opposed strongly to be assosiated with said apple: I have no words. But I'm sure both Lennon and Picasso would have kicked Steves ass so hard he would be pressed to utter as much as a feeble Tiimmaaaay!

And more importantly; Steve Jobs - as opposed to most grand men in the businessworld - knows better. Mr. Jobs have studied the esoteric paths, he knows what a man should and should not do. And by ignoring the ethics of the thing he is likly assured a place in the hells far worse than Djengis Khan and Adolf Hitler who acctually thougth they were doing the right thing.

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