Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guy Delisle

(French-)Canadian animator Guy Delisle made some noise back in 2003 with the release of his Pyongyang - a journey in North Korea. Its a travelouge/autobiographical graphic novel that with its insigthfull glimpse in to one of the most closed countries in the world reach a high artistic level with its portrayal of alienation (and linguistic alienation), boredom and the missing of the little western reliefs like good coffie.

One of the best books about the expat I've read and a easy introduction to the craziness that is North Korea.

I aslo read his 2000 graphic novel Shenzhen - Travelouge from China. Although its a nice book I would only recomend it to people escpesially interested in China, or fans of Delisle who want to check out how much better he got at storytelling from 2000 til 2003. I cant wait to read his 2008 work about Burma or his rumored upcoming book about Israel...

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