Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Funny People

I am in doubt this morning. Should I at all write of a film I found to be quite mediocre? I guess I am, and I'll try not to let my hesitation keep me back. But it just did. Blabla.

As a fan of Entourage I was a littlebit taken with the hype surrounding Funny People; and decided to see it a few months ago. I got around to it the other day, and I must say I was somewhat disapointed. It was spun as a movie about real stars playing asshole versions of them selves - and that would be fun.

But ofcourse, it was'nt at all that. A movie of comedians, love and friendship. A typical Judd Apatow movie; a formula movie. The ending is good, for a formula ending, and if you have 2 & 1/2 hours to spend on what usually is a 90minute film - but sligthly better... do see it.

I thought Adam Sandler was a jerk who could'nt play for shit until I saw 'independent' movie Punch Drunk Love. Funny People have some dark moments where that 'other side' of Mr. Sandler shines through - but really - but if you want to see the effect of taking the mask of his manic and forced playing style... watch Waterboy and Punch Drunk Love back to back.

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