Sunday, March 14, 2010

Give Blood

If you could, you should. Who has'nt fantasized about saving a life? Well - the absolutly simplest way is to become a blood donor. But, instead of messing with your guilt: I'm gonna be all novel-like and appeal to your fawning egosentric soul... Giving blood is healthy! Barring that you meet with an accident (or a vampire) the first 48 hours after giving blood your odds of surviving are increased. Your body is 'trained' to produce more blood, the blood you have is fresher and fitter... and your chance of dying a horrible and painfull death due to leukemia are drasticly reduced!

If you live in Norway you can sign up at - if you live elsewhere Im sure you can figure it out. Since its lazy sunday you can think about it while you check the coolness below. Take note of the phattest trumpet&trombone zzzzound ever.

P.S: xkcd's excellent illustration of why you should be a organ-donor aswell.

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