Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guts by Chuck Palahniuk

I am reading through what in popular opinion is one of Norways best blogs -- -- in hopes of bettering myself and haffing some ffun at the same time. I will be back with more on this later - but right now I would like to share one little treasure the authour has pointed me to:

It is the first thing I ever read by this acclaimed author - allthough I've been wanting to read him ever since I saw the filmatic adaption of his novel Figth Club. Guts, aparently, is best known as the short story that makes readers pass out while reading it... and it is positivly the most gruesome piece of writing I've read.

It is a wonderfull description of the sexuality of boys; and it is so well written it is hard not to belive it is'nt autobiographical. Enjoy! (But not right after dinner, plz.)

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