Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've been checking out an american rightwing/republican site called Sweetness&Light who publishes under the Matthew Arnold-motto "He who works for sweetness and ligth united, works to make reason and the will of God prevail."

They have interesting, biased and hard to verify articles like Taliban poisons 61 Afghan schoolgirls and Taliban killed civilians not US. Browsing their articles and disussion-threads I worry how they will survive as a nation when realities diverge as much as they do between the Republican and Democrat media. Maybe we should send some of the Scandinavian peace-aristocracy over the fjord to help them communicate and teach the art of discursive dialouge.

They worry for us aswell, about the way we conform to rules, our herd-like minds and our iminent capitulation to the kalif of Baghdad or somesuch. In a general liberty-and-no-socialism-or-wellfare-for-all discussion started by this raving review of the Frisian (Dutch) wellfare system in New York Times Magazine. Internett persona proreason puts the disucssion to rest may 7th 2009 4:56 "Frankly, the situation in Europe is another thing to be really scared about, as if Israel and Pakistan and The Moron’s criminal activities aren’t bad enough. Even though Europe has been pacifist for decades, historically, they are warrior cultures that have only become pacifistic after the cataclysms of WWI and WWII. At some point, the bills will come due and the shrinking native youth are going to realize that their backs are REALLY against the wall. They could choose to wipe out the Middle East and rub out their Muslim immigrant populations in wars that will make the 20th centrury look like sweet whisperings. You may laugh at the thought. But keep it in mind."

Another not-exactly-liberal page thats a littlebit more war-oriented than the Sweetness&Light-guys that worry whether they've become communist now that Obama's at the helm: is the Strategy Page with articles about Indian/Pakistani-tension, Burmas efforts to fake democracy, Talibans strategy and such.

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