Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Justice League: Crisis on two earths

The League of Justice (Superman, Batman and the rest of the DC A-team) are recruited to help out in a paralell world, where their alteregos are the evil masters of that world, by supervillian Lex Luthor who are the #1 goodguy in that world.

The artwork is cool; its nice to see real(?) drawings again in an animated film and the direct-to-video collaboration between Warner Bros and DC Comics has gotten good reviews. But sadly I must say that the story really does'nt hold up all that well.

They try to make it philosophical; and Batmans evil alterego Owlman is quoting Nietzche but acting like Schopenhauer on drugs. 'Every choise makes an alternative world; infinite worlds. The only real choise is to destroy them all.'

The whole consept plays like a materialistic version of the whole rebirth thingie. You are not born with your soul; but with your body and powers - your personality can be anything. Superman can be the evil Ultraman - Batman easily becomes the twisted Owlman.

Damn, I wish I was'nt born on a world this fucked up.

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