Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lame girl

Some readers might have noticed a slight increase in movie reviews the last couple of days. It is not really part of my long time blog strategy; just a result of the boredom of Wyff going on a two day field-trip combined with me beeing to old to use the opportunity to go on a two day hooker&drugs bender.

Repost: Shes pretty, yeah!

Some might wonder how a looser like me got a lame girl like her. Well, thats eaaaasy: I played this song here - and like all of her sex she was completly unable to resist the combination of a boy with guitar, some fancy wine and a most glorius sunrise.

Lame Girl
text/music by Mats Hanssen
Lame girl come over here, can't you feel our chemistry?
let me untame you, come on girl, just one smile
Lame girl, Lame girl; why don't you hold my hand tonite'?
let me unwind you, lets share some fancy wine

//You know you want it, let me give it, let's make love to 'nite//

Why don't we leave this party, go to my place, dim the lights
I'll look into your eyes, while the sun slowly rise
Lame girl, Lame girl; in your heart you want me too
here and now theres only you, so lame girl; be true

//You know you want it, let me give it, let's make love to 'nite//

Lame girl drop your act, I've seen your true soul here tonite'
come on baby, let's love to nite', drop the fight, whats right is right
Lame girl, Lame girl; come tomorrow I'll still respect you
Lame girl, come home with me; lets make love tonite'
Lame girl, come home with me; lets join our family trees.

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