Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Library Fail

Small expedition downtown yesterday to get a new passport and some litterature on Santiago de Compostella. The last time I got a passport I thought they took the pictures at the police station, but they did'nt. This time I thought they don't take pics at the police station, but they do. I just love throwing time and money out the window. (But then again, you can never have to many passport photos).

Click pic to enlarge!

Santiago is aparently very popular this year - there was not a single book on the subject that was'nt let out. So instead of preparing my mind and soul for my great adventure, I decided to go library slumming instead: The two first books on Y The last Man (promising, but I should'nt say anything more untill I've read the whole series), Ozamu Tezuka's Buddha vol. 4 (as good atleast as the first 3, still highly recomended), Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol (which I'm reading right now), Marvels classic 'Secret War' and Jasons 'My life as a Zombie'.

It's embarrasing, ofcourse, to lend stuff like this; but damn it! Lowbrow is fun!

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