Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Lost Symbol - Laus Deo

A LAtimes review of Dan Browns lates novel states that "Brown's narrative moves rapidly, except for those clunky moments when people sound like encyclopedias". I find my facination with Brown to be the exact opposite. As a suspence-writer mr. Brown suck, his 'rapid narrative' is superficial and as intriguing as your ugly neighbours realdoll love affair. But as a lecturer he is actually quite good, even if you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

For instance he promotes one website in his book whos creator Lynne McTaggart also (according to wikipedia) is the model of the books heroine Katherine Solomon. But when I check out the intention experiment I find that it belongs to a moneyhungry woman who intends to sell me books; to make money and not at all to change the world.

Mr. Brown has developed somewhat as a writer, which is good. The book has some long techno-optimistic speeches that fills one with some hope for the future; and I still find mr. Brown to be a fine communicator of the gnostic 'faith'. He is not a prophet, not even an evangelist - but its not unlikly he has sparked more interest in gnosticisim than any other individual. And do keep your eyes open for mainstream news of noetic breakthroughs... that would indeed change everything.

An easy read; highly recomendable if you like thriller and detective novels.

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