Sunday, March 21, 2010

Magicians Beware!

Popular Libanese televisionpersonality Ali Hussain Sibat (48), host of a fortune-telling show on Beirut sattelite channel Sheherazade, has lost his case in the court of appeal and will be executed for sorcery in the near future.

The father of 5 was arrested during his pilgrimage to Mecca (the Umrah) in may 2008. You can read the full report @ amnesty international. If you want to help you can donate or become a Amnesty International Member here; you can appeal directly to Saudi Arabia at their Washington embassy here; or you can write a P&P Letter to

King Hussein
Saudi Arabia

and just tell him how ignoble you find his noble rule to be.

P.S And by the way... it's not only if you've dabbled with the arcane arts that you should steer away from Saudi Arabia - a couple of years ago an Italian man was executed for unknowingly bringing a splinter of hashish (less than 0,1 grams) into the country with his pocketlint.

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