Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Men Who Stare At Goats

An all star team of George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Brigdes and Kevin Spacey makes this BBC Films' dark comedy with the motto "No goats, no glory." one of the strangest (and funny!) comedies of the year.

The movie, which can be said to be about psycic black ops in the US Army, opens by informing us that "More of this is true than you think." Im sure it is. And how can hippies and new age spoonbenders in the army not be funny.

Favorite moment: When they resque Iraqi insurgents undergoing sleepdepravation-torture (involving 24/7 repeatcycles of Barney the Purple Dinosaurs 'I Love U'-song - described by Clooneys character as "The dark side")... "We liberate you in the name of the First Earth Army."

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At the end of the credits, where it usually says something like any likeness to any person living or dead is purley coincidental blablabla it says: "Although this film is inspired by John Ronson's book The Men Who Stare At Goats, it is a fiction, and while the characters Lynn Cassady and Bill Django are based on actual persons, Seargeant Glenn Wheaton and Colonel Jim Channon, all other characters are invented or are composites and are not portrayals of actual persons. The filmmakers ask that no one attempt walking through walls, cloudbursting while driving, or staring for hours at goats with the intent of harming them... invisibility is fine."

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