Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The prepubescent meets the prehistoric!

In a recent (2nd of march this year) article in thebigmoney.com writer Chadwick Matlin was so upset about US streamingsite HULU (sadly not available in the old world) showing the 1991 flick A nymphoid barbarian in dinosaur hell that I just had to see it. And I guess Im not the only one - it is the most popular film at HULU these days, and its up 25% the last week at IMDB. (To put that number in perspective: at the time of writing this - two days after the academy award ceremonies - the winner for the best movie award 2010 is currently up 16%.)

As for the 'nymphoid' part... the lead actress seems frigid and geeky. You do see a pair of stunt breasts for a second close to the end. But thats really it. If you want sexy sword&sorcery/sci-fi I recomend you to check out the Heavy Metal Magazine, an american remake of french Metal Hurlant.

A nymphoid barbarian in dinosaur hell is probably the worst film ever made - not even worth the time for camp lovers. The intro/trailer (shown here) is kind of worth watching. But the movie itself is just boring; it wouldnt even work as a 'bad movie night'-flick for your local superstoners.

The soundtrack by The Astral Warriors has its moments though...

Favourite moment: When the nymphoid barbarian is trying to figure out an ABC. A for Apple is ok. B for Ball becomes Circle... and C for Cat becomes "Food?". Haha.

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