Thursday, March 04, 2010


After I changed my adress from http://matshanssen. to I've had some problems getting my profiles updated on the bloglistings I've been experimenting with.

On I had to write an email to get things working at last, on TopOfBlogs I had no such luck - my "new" blog was rejected and my old blog has been doomed to the oblivion of the never-updated-blog. It might have been to press my luck to name one of the tags "ganja". To bad; my self-presentation was quite inspired:

While the rise of theme-blog and the many insignificant amateur-blogs has left the diarystyle blog for dead; we still crave the social pornography and soapoperaness of the oldskool blog. Meanwhile Elsewhere... is about a life probably very unlike your own. With many excelent photos, original and scrounged and usually short posts superbly sloppy written by a norwegian writer in his second languange Engrish. Meanwhile Elsewhere... is in part travelouge, in part an untypical lifestyle or even fashion blog; with opinions, madness and links to interesting stuff I have found seeking the matrix.

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