Thursday, April 01, 2010

100 Bullets

The comic series 100 Bullets written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso ran from august 1999, and was completed at issue #100 in april 2009. The basic consept of the series is that somebody who has been wronged is given the opportunity of revenge. The character aptly named Agent Graves presents a person with a attaché-case with irrefutable evidence that this or that person is personally responsible for their now miserable lives, a untraceable handgun and 100 bullets. If they are caugth they will be releasead from police custody and all investigations stopped.

There are some great short stories exploring the morality of the thing (what would you do given the opportunity of revenge?); but the storyline soon expands (plunges in)to a dark plup-noir sort of x-files conspiracy plot. Even though it has the same writer through all its 10 years of running, there is a great variety in the quality of the series - from the not-so-good to the really really great. But over all it must be said that 100 Bullets is one of the best crime comics I've ever read - and since the series is ended it's quite safe to check it out by buying the first of the (13) trade paperbacks 100 Bullets Vol. 1: First Shot, Last Call.

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