Thursday, April 08, 2010

Comic Streak

I'm finishing up my comic streak for this time. I realized many years ago that I'm one of those people who just can not own a television. When depression takes me I get to numb to do anything constructive (or really anything at all), and while television is a reasonable alternative to alcohol&ganja it really makes you feel like a fucking looser when you one day wake up and realize you just spent a few months watching mindnumbing drug-of-the-nation crappola and that you will never ever get those days back and you might as well have been fucking dead.

So, without television to fuck me up, and with a sort-of-balanced relationship to drugs, I tend to read a lot. But when my mind get that depression-stupid it can be really hard to read 'proper' books (or even watch movies since I have a very low stupid-tolerance) --- and thats when I turn to comics. Intelligent and easy - just like we all want our entertainment to be.

I guess I'm emotionally still in comic's mode. But I'm leaving for Santiago de Compostella in 36 hours, hopefully to be redeemed and cured; or atleast not more fucked up than I was before I left and in better shape. So my comic streak is over wheter I want it to or not.

So to conclude; to (get to) leave without any unfinished business: I think I should say some words about the books I for some reason or other have'nt been able to say anything about.

I've been reading the back catalouges of Heavy Metal Magazine. Some insanley good shit there; but sadly most of it is hidden between stuff thats hardly worth publishing in a fanzine. I've only read my way up to 1982, so I might be back with more on this later - but basically I would only recomend reading all their stuff for ppl as fucked up as me, fantasy oriented artists and comic etnographers... For all others I'd recomend one of their best of collections like 20 Years of Heavy Metal.

Hulk+Conan the Barbarian? Well, that would be World War Hulk. Stay away, Marvel&Hulk fans only.

Ever since I read Alan Moore&Dave Gibbons Watchmen I've been totally in love with Moore - I've just never really gotten around to read anything of his work in a strucktured way. So the last month I've taken it upon me to check some of his work (other than the random stuff I've read of his like Swamp Thing ++).

From Hell is Moores take on Jack the Ripper published 1991 through 1998. It's extremley thoroughly researched, but honestly I think it was a great waste of his talent and I felt quite disapointed after reading it. But if you are one of those with an interest in Jack the Ripper this one is for you.

V for Vendetta (1988-89) is by many concidered to be Moores anti-facist tour-de-force, the 1984 of the comic industy and blablabla. But I find it to be pretentious, boring, badly told and damn it! Just-see-the-movie.

I've read the first few issues of Moores Tom Strong and I'm sort of in love with it - he plays a lot with what comics used to be before it became all about "Universes" some 30 years ago. I prefer longer epic stories, but the Tom Strong short stories are great - especialy for a comics nerd like myself. Lots of inside jokes here.

And lastly I've been checking the first few Issues of Promethea, and I can't wait to finish it. If you are a Sandman-fan I truly recomend it, cuz here we once again are playing with that frail veil between dream and reality - it promises to be a full package meta-experience and I will get back on this at a later time. This fall mayhaps.

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