Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stuck in Bordeaux day VII

So, when Britain decided to play rough with the Icelanders over that moneything; and acctually started using terrorist laws against the Icelandic civillians (making it impossible for Icelandic students, workers, tourists in the British Isles to withdraw money) the Icelanders struck back by cursing the English.

Subsequently a volcano erupted and closed Britain for airtraffic for some time.

Now, in Oslo Airport the nice British Airways clerk checked my luggage in all the way to Bordeaux; which apparently is´nt exactly legal, with the result that my luggage was caugth by the Icelandic curse while I was not.

British Airways neglected to tell me of whatever rights I might have had until 5 days later on the 19th of april; enabling me to go shopping at the 20th and to finally leave Bordeaux where I´d been relying on the kindness of strangers for almost a week on the 21th of april.

Following is my shopping for the camino - allthough you should note that I was given 2 t-shirts, a nailclipper and a defect rainponcho by the refugio - and that I was wearing boots, socks, pants, a woolen sweater, a sportssweater and a goretex jacket when I traveled. Added to this list should also have been woolen underwear (the full body type) but such items aparently does not exist in France. (But really, it was no problem, when I awoke shivering in my tent I´d just take a few situps and go back to sleep. No inconvenience at all.)

A ´spork´ (spoon, fork and knife in one) -- 2€
A Trousse 1er se tu (the piratepants?) -- 10,95€
A trek rando lig 45+ (socks) -- 9,95€
A randonnee clai 43+ (socks) -- 12,50€
2XL Tigre (headlight?) -- 14,95€
A McKinley Grand Canyon 55L backpack -- 69,95€
-- 120,30€
Nurofen (200mg Ibuprofene) -- 2,90€
Nurofen gel tube (5% Ibuprofene) -- 5,50€
Compeed (blisterbandaids) -- 7,50€
Toothpaste -- 4,90€
Toothbrush -- 3,20€
-- 24€
Charger Universal -- 35,90€
S15 Ultralight xl vert (sleepingbag) -- 39,90€
M100 (?) -- 4,90€
T2 Ultralight pro (tent/bivuac) -- 99,90€
Serviette Compacte (towel) --9,90€
C.Quechua 100 Colors (?) -- 5,00€
Couteau Suisse 13 functions (swiss armyknife) -- 15,90€
HL Quechua 300 (?) -- 19,90€
Pack 2 boxer actizen (underwear) -- 14,90
-- 210,30€

Alltogether Brithish Airways owe me 390,50€ - pluss a hefty donation to the Refugio at Priorie de Cayac for taking care of me while BA took their own good time to inform me that I acctualy could, you know, just buy the stuff and get going on my great adventure.

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