Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Y - The Last Man

You'd think it was the ultimate plot ever - every male on earth dies minus one. Sadly it is not - but it definitly is a funny, thought provocing and intelligent piece of work. In the story the world very quickly falls apart without the men, I would almost say it is a dystopi a tad overdone - allthough you can always trust a woman to fuck it up: Lending the books at Bodø Bibliotek [Bodø Library] (which have not a single male employee) they, ofcourse, only had 9 out of 10 books.

With my disapointment vented, I still must say it's a nice piece. The art is good, the litterary and pop-culture referances abundant, and it's really quite funny if you manage to get over the fact that the last man on earth is such a pussy my cock felt ashamed at times. Check your local library or bittorrent-site - or buy it at Amazon.com.

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