Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carrion de los Condes-Ledigos

The 17 kilometers or so from Carrion de los Condes to Calzadilla de la Cueza are infamous among pilgrims for the lack of shops, bars and water underway. It's normally a windy stretch without shade from neither wind nor sun. When I walked here a couple of years ago the stretch almost killed my mother [se story elsewhere].

Now there is a little mom&pop bar there about halfway into many a pilgrims personal hell; the deciding reason many a pilgrim simply takes the bus all the way from Burgos to Leon.

I arrive as a group of touregrinos leave by taxi to Shahagun. The 9 clicks or so were quite enough for them. I pity such weak people having to go through life (which by comparison is infinitly harder than any pilgrimage). I pray for them, pray Jack will help them see what they need to see, learn what they need to learn.

We are all weak. I stop for a beer and a joint. Not because I really feel the need for a break - I just had one. But I'm curious about the place. I'm happy to see such initiative in a people who seems about as business savvy as depressed stoner monkeys - and only slightly more so than my cock

As I pay my bill I strike up a conversation with the proprietors. I suggest that maybe if they put up some posters, making some advertisments for their establishment... they will just possibly make some more money since no pilgrims are aware of their exsistence; and we all stock up on water and whatnot before leaving Carrion. He patiently explains me (I'm obviously not the first helpfull pilgrim offering this advice) that he does - 3-4 times a week: and 3-4 times a week "the people of Carrion de los Condes" pulls his posters down.

Well, a curse on them!

He suggests I put the information on the internet. I promise I will: and now my promise is kept. (And any Carrion de los Condes-hackers considering defacing my blog: I am deeply connected and if you touch this site your computers and bankacc0unts will burn BURN I t3ll yah!!!)

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