Sunday, May 30, 2010

Leon-Hospital de Orbigo

Taking that wrong turn I wind up off the beaten track - and izz funny! They forgot to tell this young gentleman bartender of the Northern-Spain-fuck-all-peregrinos-conspiracy! Cafe solo con Orujo was only 70cents!! Really, we were all suspecting something like it - but now we know. We know! Not that it matters. I'll pay whatever the fuck you ask me to. I'm not the one who's going to burn in the dark place where fire is unrelentigly hot, where pain never gets old; but is increasing into eternety, where trancendence and tranquility never sets foot, where the shame of shaming your people and family never leaves your red face or flushed ears.

Really; I'm just kidding. There is no such place - and I'm sure your mothers are all proud of you. 

Northeners remember: Just because we're preoccupied with beeing judgemental towards towelheads, niggers and jews - we should not forget to speak derogativly about degos. Fucking lazy thieves all of them.

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