Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ultreia, take one

In the Garden of the Refugio of the Resurrection

Finishing my business in Pamplona took quite longer than anticipated, and it was two o'clock before I even started walking out of town (allthough I'd been walking more or less all day). At some point I started singing the song that would eventually become ULTREIA (aka. "We'll meet again"). Assorted lines came during the day; lines like "There is sweetness and light in Ultre-e-ei-aa..." and many others (I recorded a few of them - and might even publish them aswell at some point to document fragments of the creative process).

Late that night; I was not tired at all, even though the night before had been short and hard, even though the day had been long and hard; I was sitting in the walled in garden of the refugio with another nightcap and some of the holy ganja when I knew ("in a flash of insight") how the structure of the thing had to be - and I recorded it imediatly without rehearsal. 'Most everybody were sleeping, so I had to sing with the gentlest of voices - and thus the first version sounds like some lullabye even though it is a walking song or a psalm.

Listening to the recording afterwards forced a stream of gratefull tears from my eyes and two strangled deep sobs from my throath. The honour of beeing a tool of the Lord to much for my fragile pilgrim mind; that vision of heaven more beautifull than anything I had ever imagined.

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