Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I remember Ponferrada as a good city, but two years later its the most cheating city on the whole camino. 4€ for a coke&orujo - special pilgrim price. Sad, really.

The refugio is the largest parroquial I´ve found on the way; which makes it a strange mix between the big municipal sleeping-machines and the smaller, often perfect, parroquial refugios.

At the layman service in the beautifull chapel of the refugio we pray together, pass a candle and whoever has the candle gives thanks, pray a little prayer or just speak some words. One lady sings a beautifull psalm. After the service I find the following words bz St. Nicholas of Flüe:

[To meditate on the way]
My Lord and my God
take everything from me, that keeps me from Thee.
My Lord and my God
give everything to me that brings me nearer to Thee.
My Lord and my God
take me away from myself
and give me completely to Thee.

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