Saturday, February 20, 2010

90's Party - Post Scriptum

Almost ready to go. I guess this style suited me better half a life ago. Back when I was young, beautifull and sported a sixpack. Note that my hairdo and goatee was very cool back when. Its already gone as we speak.

Some dude tried to buy my jacket. When I said I was'nt parting with it for less than 5000,- he thought I was haggling and offered me 1000,- right there and then. But I was'nt haggling. It is the most expencive piece of clothing I ever bougth. It used to be green (not turqouise or whatnot), that is, way back in 91. The sigarette pocket is legendary.

Im probably beeing way unfair writing this, since these guys probably are economics-majors or somesuch... But what a grand idea for integration to put the asylum halfway-house next to the students pub :)

The theme-party kind of sucked. DJ Achilles knew about as much of 90's music as yo mama. And I think I was the only guy who dressed up/down for the party. But a friday at the students pub can never go totaly wrong, so while the theme-party sucked - the party was totaly ok.

And the wyff was as hot as ever.

I winded up discussing pen&paper rpgs with an economics-student. Nice guy. We might play someday.

I love this photo. Nothing like bad ligthing to make something look cool. The glasses cost me 10,- at the local supermarket.

And this, if Im not completly mistaken, is the guy Im hoping will be my new polack. A cool guy, great at networking and hooking up with ppl. Wyff says he's crazy, but insanity has never stopped me from making friends before. Rather the opposite.

On our way home. God damn its cold in the polar regions this time of year. Im really fucking drunk, but how can you not love a man with hair like that?

Friday, February 19, 2010

90's Party

(In Samfunnet tonite! A celebration of things long gone, I guess.) The wyff (born 1982) thinks the 90's was an indistinct decade. I (born 1976) begs to differ. In female mainstream fashion it heralded the return of the babe - in male fashion a much needed sobering came through stronger and stronger as we closed in on the millenium.

And in streetfashion the unlikly marriage betwixt grunge and hip-hop/rap was dominant, atleast in Scandinavia. Check this video by Stockholm/suburbia based Latin Kings - Kompisar från förr - (Buddies from before); the band who truly broke scandinavian language rap, not only to the masses, but to the 100's of hip-hop collectives round the archepilago.

Kompisar från förr, kompisar från förr/Nogra lyckas, nogra dör :: Buddies from before, buddies from before/Some succeed, some dies... et cetera.

Girl Power! Was a big thing there for a while, and it is only passing strange, methinkst, that one of the greatest hits of the early ninties was Barbie Girl by Aqua. That girls again where supposed to be girls, a trend that has held true ever since, I think is no loss. I mean, really, androgynity is sexy, really really fucking hot sometimes, but the women trying to be men we saw in the 80's where really just... sad.

An oft overlooked trend you can find in the very Barbie Girl-hit is the return of Ken. The facialhair-trends of the 90's where dominated by goatee's (or at heigth the 'smultring'), and the phattest sideburns you could find were the Beverly Hills 90210 sideburn reaching all the way down to the top of the earlobe - and only in the new millenia did we see the return of manly things such as the full mullah and the (only) slightly ironical mustache.

On a scale, and I do not think I'm only saying this because I was 14 in 90 and 24 in 2000, the early 90's where dominated by a sertain naïvitee, a lack of refinment that slowly worked itself into the decadent and non-flamboyant styles of the new millenium - and while its going out on a half-broken limb; I think shit like Hammertime, Maccarena (the ketchup song!) and Ice, Ice Baby will be hard pressed to ever reach the mainstream again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Midnattsolens Rike

My uncle gave me a new old (last generation) phone a year or so ago, but I did'nt realize until last weekend that it actually had a totaly ok video-recorder built into it. I already had a youtube account (you have to sign up to leave saftymode...) - so here be my first ever youtube upload.

I always thougth singers looked stupid with their contorted faces. Imagine my surprise when I find that I have the most contorting face of them all...

Midnattsolens Rike (Am-C-Em //Dm-E-Am)
by Mats Hanssen

Når rypa søng en helt ny sang
og ravn flytte høgt tell fjells
Når vind søng en gammel sang
//aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa//

Når fjellfolk trekk opp i Nordlands fjell
og kalle Midnattsolens Rike ved sitt navn
Da ska du sætt din lit tell den salige Vår Herre
//aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa/

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The bystander effect

The more persons witnessing someone needing help, the greater the chance noone will lift a finger to help. One study, where there was one test subject exposed to sounds of someone falling and obviously needing help, showed that if the person was alone in the waiting room there was a 70% chance the person would get up and try to help. When there where other persons in the room with the test subject that chance slimmed down to a meager 7%.

This, my friends, is for real. Could you possibly die more alone than surrounded by strangers who wouldnt lift a finger to save you?

So why am I writing this? You think I'm just having another misantropic fit, do yah? ... Other studies shows that once you are aware of the bystander effect, you are more likly to resist it. BOOYAKAHSHA!!! Consider yourself ensorceled.

Looking for illustrations for this post I found this one at the Montclair Socioblog - not only does it look like a mighty interesting blog, but they have an amazing list of other sociological blogs. If you swing that way - check it!

Interesting thing though; when back when, when I lived in my hermitage, those years when solitude and bitterness was my only friends; I did, most strongly, feel the urge to help the world. I did think, beeing a genious and all, I was the only one who understood the roots and solutions to help this raped and beaten Gaia and her children.

Then, I did study sociolgy, and I realized that while I am a genious; roots and solutions and such are well known - but simply ignored. And then I did a few hundred hours of hardcore therapy. And then I felt much better, much less alone in the world, my existential angst was much relived; and Lo and behold - not only did I get better! The bystander effect hit me full force and I'm not really lifting a finger for neighter Haiti or the downtrodden masses anymore.

Could this explain academics and their ivory towers? Research that yo mådderfåkkas!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's hope that is enough...

I was browsing my wifes blog, that eternal reminder of why I love her&why everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am to have her, Fanaberia, when I found this Bright Eyes tune. Found again, I should say.

Pretty, frail, pretending-to-be-stupid Julie (where did you go? - I hope your happy, wherever you are) introduced us to the Lifted album when we had just fallen in love that most blossoming summer of 2003 when everything was beautifull.

While I always loved the music and the texts, I never really listened to the whole thing. Or perhaps I did, and forgot. I distinctly remember lyrical phrasings like "They take eye for an eye until noone can see..." but when She writes "One of my favorite songs, the text is amazing." in her blog I took some of my precious time to listen.

God damn! He makes me want to be an american. To bad I can't even visit.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Supreme Justice

[Long personal rambling warning: start below the picture to get the meat of it.]
I always were a freedom-minded fellow; as a young man I had little & close to nothing to do with narcotics -- but I always swung towards the decriminalization of drugs.

Perhaps my liberal-mindedness towards this inflamed issue, even as a boy, was a result of my mother working as a drug-fiend therapist and my fathers background in outreach socialwork. But probably not; it is first in later years I've heard either of my most honoured progenitors utter anything close to critique of the current regime.

I used to be a non-commital whatever, I guess I'm for legalization-sort of fellow. That all changed when I went to jail in 2001 (on a non-drug related charge). Bodø Jail have 55 cells ("rooms" they call it - if you dare to call it a cell, you get a rebuke).

The first thing I noticed is that only 3 (!) of the cells were for women, and half the time there were only 1 or 2 female inmates. (While I had to wait 8 months from sentencing to serving - and the only reason it went that quickly was that my lawyer, at my behest, used his formidable skills to push that date to the earliest possible.)

I was studying sociology at the time, and I naturally spendt a lot of time trying to figure out the why of that disturbing fact. The academic & common sense explanation involving testosterone, male culture and the psycology of the rover et cetera seemed... paternal - and it does'nt give academic (or other) feminism much credit that the subject (to the best of my knowledge) never have been explored even by the oestrogen mafia.

The only answer I got from my peers, them other inmates that is, was that "we [men] do our womens time in jail". That, ofcourse, is honourable, the thougth of it makes me proud of my people. But other information (from supremly experienced users) - not necesarily condoned by science, mind you! - indicates that the female of the species (or atleast of the culture) are more susceptible to addiction than the male. They don't fall as often as 'us', but when they do fall, they fall hard. To me, that makes that honourable gesture seem somewhat dubious. Do they always have a man willing to take the rap? Atleast some of them must be single?

Drugusers generally makes for poor spouses; and on top of that: after a few years of hard use, no matter how well you deal with the daily strife of intoxication and addiction: your body is worn and generally not that sexy or even appealing anymore, and your mind is whaddled and nervous (even on drugs).

When I finally realized the simple why-of-it I grew angry. Very fucking angry: A woman will simply prostitute herself. Sometimes as a bonafide hooker - working the streets or the luxury market. More often she will find a user who provides for her. Beeing innocent young men (playing pen&paper RPGs, doing sports, fiddling with computers and the fledling internett) we had often joked about what we called "hasjhorer" (hasjishwhores): women, girls really, attatching themselves to men who could support their indulging in the holy ganja. Now, take that scornfull observation of the girlfriend-less 17 year old nerdboy and make that hasjwhore 10 years older. Why, o'why, does she still not go to jail? Why will most of them never see the inside of a jail?

A legislation making whores of our sisters, mothers, daugthers made me wrathfull indeed. That, atleast, should be a instinct in any Man - and no amount of therapy has been able to change that feeling (it is easier to live with now, though). But a few hours after that first realization a second hit me: Of the 52 men in the jail we were maybe circa 5 who were inprisoned on non-drug related charges. The official figure for drug-related inprisonments in 2008 is 42%, but the realitytruth you can observe in jail is completly different.

Few ever manage to get enough drugs on their hands to actually go to jail for it. Most seem to wind up in jail either trying to get [the money for] drugs; or as a result of their outlaw subculture underground lifestyle. A lifestyle that hardly could have existed on such a scale in a society who frowned upon abuse; but helped the unhappy wretches rather than exile them from good society for the rest of their lives.

I write to much; I was simply going to refer to an article in conservative norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. And I will, below the picture. But keep in mind; 99% of us can not simply take our sentence, do our time and be done with it. Your identity as a criminal will be branded in your soul like a weeping infected wound - and personally I would have prefered beeing lashed in the city square to having spent that precious time unfree.

Supreme justice (retired) Ketil Lund. Looks like a wise man, does he not? Add long hair, long beard, a wizards cap and contact lenses and he could be a Gandalf pinup.

In a recent speach (where he speaks up for the decriminalization of narcotics) referred in an Aftenposten article: retired supreme justice Ketil Lund (70) states that "Det har vært rystende for meg å erkjenne hva jeg har vært med på." Normaly I would simply translate that; litteraly it says "It has been shaking for me to recognize what I have been part of." But beeing a supreme justice he has not chosen his words lightly, and the key words here beeing rystende/shaking and erkjenne/recognize.

To be 'rystet' is to experience a personal and unpleasant upheaval. Having caugth your presumed virginal daugther with her boyfriend is normaly not enough to be 'rystet'; walking in on an orgy where the virgin was the center-of-attention would do.

To 'erkjenne' something is even harder to translate. My first 'simple' guess was 'realize'. Google translate suggested recognize. But the [norwegian] word has its roots in german philosopy - who again used it as a translation of the greek "epistemology" (επιστήμη (episteme) and λόγος (logos)). The most famous epistemologist just might be Rene Descartes - who proved/realized/recognized our existence. To 'erkjenne' something is in 'daily use' the deepest level of understanding one can reach without the help of divine and irrational tools such as faith/belif.

And while I had always hoped that 'they' would realize their mistake and recant - I had never thought/hoped/fantasized that even one of them would let the gravity of their mistake put its weigth upon their souls. Wow.

The article is a strong piece for the decriminalisation of drugs. If you want the whole piece -> check it <- if you don't read the most glorious and noble norwegian language... use google translate. And if you, like me, love your god[s] and your people - take Lunds simple statement with you wether you debate the issue with yourselfs or others: We are talking about a policy with dehumanizing folkspsycological effects.